Restart (and pause) downloads

  • I would like to be able to restart a download that has been interrupted because of a network error (i.e., the internet going down briefly). I would also like to be able to pause an ongoing download and restart it later -- for example, when I wish to give priority to a single download and want to pause other downloads to devote bandwidth to finish one before proceeding with the others, or when I want to pause everything, restart my modem, and then when reconnected, restart the downloads.

    I've also had download "hiccups" when my VPN disconnects and reconnects. I normally don't have my VPN on when downloading, since it's faster, but when I do, it can disrupt a download and cause it to fail in Vivaldi, whereas in other download managers, I can resume the download without having it fail and have to restart it from the beginning.

  • Moderator

    The download manager misbehaves sometimes.
    But after stopping download a resume should work.


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