Freezing, refresh page, uploading images take forever

  • Since I installed the latest update ( 8.1?) I have issues with the browser. Does not happen with any other browser, but this is my favorite and I am stubborn and continuing to use it as my default. I sell sterling and gold pre-owned and vintage jewelry on private group on Facebook . Takes me a long time to post one item. When typing comments, the page jumps, when refreshing the page, the address bar shows the progress of upload - more time than not, it will stay stuck - freeze. Same happens when I list an item for sale and upload photos of the sale item, it stays stuck for a while and then a message comes up stating Failed to upload, Retry. I am very frustrated... the browser is performing a lot worse since I first got it 4- 5 months ago.... Went over all my settings with tooth and comb - no change. It is not my internet speed, - it's just fine and "speedy" on other browsers, which is a mystery because it appears to be a problem with router/internet connection. All those have been addressed, even have a new router and laptop... Help!

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    @arcover1: What happens if you refresh your profile?


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