Any way to get back the Google Black Bar?

  • I've just switched from Opera 12 to Vivaldi, and I've lost the Google Black Bar, which I used every day. I tried the URL with extra bits on the end, looking for a Stylish plugin, an extension, and also a JavaScript switch, but none are working or found. Having to click a menu, then find News every time is a total pain.

    I'm probably going to have to add News and Maps as bookmarks on the bookmarks bar if there isn't a way, which will use up valuable space.

  • Moderator

    You can use a user-agent masking extension (like this one for example) to trick Google into recognizing your browser as "Opera 12" (you can obtain its user-agent string by opening this page in your Opera 12 browser), so that it would show you the "black bar" (as a matter of fact - the whole old Google layout) in Vivaldi.

    Notice, that this is just a workaround and it's gonna be working for as long as the Google itself doesn't drop its old navbar completely...

  • Excellent! Thanks a lot for that. I ended up using a different one that allows a URL to be entered, otherwise all websites would think I was using Opera.


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