Help (cant sign in at sites)

  • I am from Bangaldesh.I need a help..Whenever i close the browser & open it again i have to sign in youtube & other websites password again & again.How can i always signed in youtube & other websites password always in this browser?IT is now quite lagy that everytime i close the browser i have to sign in the google,youtube & other websites which i already signed in previous time when i open the browser.Bt everytime i close the browser i have to again & again.Pls quickly give me a solution pls?I don't want to sign in again&again ..I love this browser but that's a great problem pls someone help me on this problem.:(

  • Hi, I only have to login again after delete all private data.
    Auto login work for several pages including this forum.
    Do you have disabled auto login manual or by mistake?
    Check "Manage Passwords"
    Copy past in adressbar.

    Cheers, mib

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    @adrianrudro Please use Return key on your keyboard to write sentences.
    Your long lines are not always readable.

  • Do you have Vivaldi's cookies set to session-only (Settings > Privacy > COOKIES > Session Only)? If so, certain websites will not keep you logged in after you close the browser and reopen it (eg: Opera Forums, DSLR Forums); other sites retain the login even after closing/reopening the browser (eg: Vivaldi's Forums). It has to do with how the site utilizes cookies in their login scheme.

    Personally, I prefer to not have persistent cookies accumulate across browser sessions, so I set them for Session Only and simply re-login to the sites affected by that policy whenever I reopen the browser.


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