I don't understand Speed Dial thumbnail

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to customize the Speed Dial page (which I love) but i don't understand how the thumbnails work.
    I just want a pretty and simple thumbnails.

    example of what i want: By default it's the Twitter logo but when I do it it only shows the website. 0_1492164218426_Screenshot_121.png

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I didn't find the solution with google or on this forum etc.

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    The SpeedDIal thumbnails are the preview of the website.

    And there are pre-customized thumbnails by Vivaldi Technologies as you can see for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc.

    If you reload such pre-customized thumbnails it will show the website's preview.

    Adding own icons in SpeedDial is on the list of devs but not ready.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Ah ok, is there a way to use the pre-customized thumbnail instead of the website preview ?

  • @Androcas
    There's no easy way to change Speed Dial thumbs yet.

    There's a bunch of request for more "powerful" Speed Dial editing in current feature request thread, Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10
    Feel free to vote any of them.

    If you interest:
    Rather hackish way does available;

    • VivaldiHook, change thumbs is part of it. But, newest version is on Github.
    • Creating Dial Thumbnails with this script. Need Python & some Python modules. But, focus on Linux.
    • Change Speed Dial Thumbs with this Script. Need Python & some Python modules. Also, focus on Linux.
    • Super hackish way. By editing file "Top Sites" in our Vivaldi profile. It an SQLITE format. Unfortunately, for me, this one actually I consider the easiest. As it doesn't need a lot of extra anything except SQLITE editor.

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    There's a very simple trick that gives you a modicum of control over thumbnails without any hacks.

    1. Open the speed dial page and zoom in to get the display that you want
    2. Refresh the thumbnail on the speed dial tab

    Here's one I just updated for these forums:
    0_1492169259485_Vivaldi Forums.png


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