Option to disable animated audio icon

  • Hi,
    i recently switched from firefox to Vivaldi, and i like that it's so customizable. One thing that bothers me more than some other minor quirks is that the audio icon is animated; it's distracting. Also, it seems that it's activated by volume level, which makes it sometimes repeatedly appear and disappear, based on the media's volume changes (revealing the base favicon of the site) which can also be very distracting (considering that site Notifications use the same visual cue). It would be nice to atlease have an option to make it static (disable the animation). And if possible make it fade in/out instead of popping (when the volume changes), so it doesn't distract as much.

  • Disable "use animation" in vivaldi://settings/startup/ to get rid of it.

  • That disables all other animations too though, which is not what i want, but thanks for the suggestion.


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