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  • I know Vivaldi is being developed by Opera veterans. This is very good. The mail client looks good, but will it ever fully sync to Google servers? Syncing all mailboxes, contacts, calendars, etc.? This is really important to help us keep up with our computer life. Many thanks!

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    @jeffneedle: My GMail folders and contacts are synced on the internal test version I use. There's no calendar yet. I don't quite understand the phrase "The mail client looks good..." as no one has had a look at the client yet (other than us internal testers), but I'm glad you're optimistic.

  • @Ayespy said in Mail features:

    as no one has had a look at the client yet

    Teehee, not entirely true. Remember several months ago i caused a kerfuffle here by excitedly posting, immediately after a specific SS, that i now had the Mail icon in my Panel, & i was playing with it? There followed a torrent of also excited, but confused, other users exclaiming to me that they did not have it. Some even thought i was kidding, until a very small handful of other users chipped in that they also had it. You [i think it was you] posted something like "whoops!", & said it seemed some weird glitch had befallen the update server. As expected, the next SS removed this interesting little teaser again... So, some of us have actually briefly seen an earlier form of it.

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    @Steffie: I recall. Of course that sneak peek bore essentially no resemblance to the current M3...

  • Yup, mail icon is there. And I can click on it to get an idea of how it will all look when it's fully implemented. I'll respond to the rest of your post in a moment.

  • I can see that you are using an "internal test version." I'm guessing it has more features than what are available right now. I've clicked on the word "mail" and find no place where I can enter my google credentials. I'm really looking forward to its complete implementation. And yes, I hope calendar isn't left behind..<grin>

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    @jeffneedle: WHAT?!? You have a mail icon in your sidebar and a "mail" section in your settings? Or do you simply have the mail link at the top of the forums? (a totally different thing) If you have "mail" in the app itself, I need to know what version number you have, and what platform you are on, and notify the developers of the mistake in releasing a version with mail turned on.

  • @Ayespy -- Whoops, reprise.

  • I think Vivaldi is making us wait a lot longer for Mail client, people are becoming impatient now. Why not launch a fast stream and slow stream just like Windows 10. It needs to come out in the next build. Launch an unstable stream to test, like Debian.

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    @saudiqbal: I don't think you understand how catastrophic "unstable" could actually be. A browser that works badly could cost you the data from a week's browsing. A mail client that works badly could cost you critical data from 20-30 years of your life. The mail client will arrive when Jon and the developers have complete confidence in it.

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    @jeffneedle There is no Vivaldi buil-in Mail client for the public!
    You are kidding.


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