Paste as Plain Text not working in Google Docs

  • The issue from this old post still exists. Paste as plain text keyboard shortcut does not work in Google Docs.

    • Google Docs Chrome app added.

    • Tried adding & removing "Paste as Plain Text" keyboard shortcut in Vivaldi settings.

    No go.

    Any resolution or even acknowledgement this is an issue?

    Vivaldi Mac 1.8.770.56.

  • @braindump
    Linux/Debian sid amd64 here.

    I more courius to what's that "Google Docs Chrome app".
    I try to look for it, Search Engine only give me an extension Google Docs

    Now, these will be long & weird
    (Please note app vs extension difference)

    Trying Google Docs menu Edit > Paste or Paste without formatting (plain text paste), Google Docs warn me, to be able copy/paste I will need "Google Drive App".
    The button to install doesn't work in Vivaldi. Testing in Chromium browser, the button instead brought me install a complete different one, an extension Google Docs Offline. It's not Google Chrome app.

    Not stop on that, it become more strange.
    Explanation in that extension description, to Enable Offline, we need to visit
    There said, we need to use Google Chrome (the browser Sign In) to use it. Now, we know this won't work in current Vivaldi. So, I left that cursed info.

    I test Google Docs menu > Edit > Paste or Paste without formatting (plain text paste)... Errr... it work.
    Heck... even

    • Ctrl+v (Paste) and
    • Ctrl+Shift+v (Paste without formatting)

    are work in Google Docs editor. I didn't do anything to Vivaldi keyboard settings.

    Let's see if all of those above works on your side.

  • In the Chrome Web Store, both extensions and apps are available. Chrome Apps are here:

    In the Chrome browser, Chrome Apps are available here:


    In Vivaldi, they are accessible here:


    In Google Docs, Edit > Paste will insert formatted clipboard text.

    Edit > Paste without formatting will also insert formatted clipboard text (not plain text). Shortcut for Edit > Paste without formatting does nothing.

    Google Drive app & Google Docs Offline extensions are installed.

    Any other ideas?

  • @braindump
    I know where & what vivaldi://apps (chrome://apps). 😁

    My question above because I fail to find Google Docs App when I tried. I finally figure which one when I search for Google product.

    I copy some lines from this thread & paste to Google Docs.

    With only Google Docs Offline extension
    While Google Docs site notification button ask me to install Google Docs App, the button instead throw me to extension. So first, I tried only with extension. And it work.

    This the result I get0_1492538962428_maim_2017-04-19_01-04-19.png

    With Google Docs app & Google Docs Offline extension

    It open in new window, but the result is same;0_1492539457372_maim_2017-04-19_01-14-38.png

    In my case, without Google Docs Offline extension, Google Docs app will fail to copy-paste.

    BTW, remember Google stop supporting Chrome Apps. This half 2017 no more Apps will be offered, while installed Apps continue to work. Per January 2018, no Apps will work. Chrome OS not effected.

    Nevertheless, new form of Apps will surface but with limited power. You can't access your offline USB disk for example.

    I suspect, this's the cause why I got offered with extension instead of app.

  • Moderator

    @braindump Not nice to create duplicate content on the same problem.
    Creating a new thread for same old problem will not solve your problems faster or increase attention.
    I closed the old thread.

  • Copy as plain text does not work. I tried Gmail but the same applies to this present Vivaldi forum post (form field), I assigned a keyboard shortcut in the Vivaldi settings but it does nothing.
    I am using that setting all the time to avoid copy/paste getting weird formatting from all over the place.
    I just started with Vivaldi and this issue to me is a killer, it makes it unusable. I cannot always paste my text in a 3rd party editor just to remove the formatting. Especially if the setting is supposed to be there (keyboard settings), it's frustrating.

    I am surprised this post gets no further response, am I the only one using this all the time, doing copy/paste on the web??

    Note to the moderator, @Gwen-Dragon : that forum itself suggests to create a NEW thread if the article is quite old, so I understand if the previous poster did so, because YOU (the forum system) suggested it!


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