I've just changed to Vivaldi after using Opera since 2001. Some comments.

  • Last night I finally changed from Opera 12 to Vivaldi after struggling more and more over the last few years with it. The main reason I was still with O12 was because of my emails. I wanted to have my emails in a browser tab like Opera (and also like I do at work when I use webmail to view my home emails in Chrome), but after waiting a long time, I've had to install Opera Mail (which works just the same as O12), and have two programs open all the time, which is inconvenient.

    Anyway, some questions and comments:

    How do I get the 'find in page' to be on the screen all the time in the bookmarks bar, like I did with Opera? I use it a lot and hate having to do a Ctrl-F all the time, which opens another bar and uses up valuable screen space. I just want it there all the time in the existing bar where it isn't a problem. I looked for an extension, but couldn't see one.

    When it's loading a page that it ultimately can't find (I assume), I get no feedback at all. Just a blank page. Is it still trying, did it give up, is the page not there? No 404 error or anything, and nothing happening in the address bar.

    Can I make bookmarks be a single click instead of a double?

    Can I have a right-click | Open Private Tab? I can only see a menu option or multiple finger keyboard sequence and even then it opens a whole new instance and window of Vivaldi. I ended up with three things open (two browsers and an email program) instead of O12 that did it all in one. A new window isn't good at all.

    I would like the passwords to be a mouse gesture right, like Opera, but I can live with this other way, though it's not as good.

    I've only been using it as my main browser less than a day (it was my backup one for when a page failed in Opera), and it seems good apart from those things mentioned above.

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    "find in page" cannot be permanent at this stage.

    There is a setting under the Bookmarks settings to make panel bookmarks single-click.

    The feedback that it is loading are in the change from reload icon on the addressbar (turns to an "X"), a crawling color bar in the address bar, and the numbers incrementing at the right end of the address bar. When it can't find a page, it has ALWAYS told me so. Don't know why you would not get a 404, 504, or similar.

    We don't have private tabs yet. However, you can right-click and open in private window.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I somehow missed the bookmarks option, so that's sorted now.

    I re-tried some of the old bookmarks I'd binned, and one doesn't do anything at all, but the other two change the address bar pink and a 0 Bytes message appears at the right. After about 30-45 seconds I get the error message. That other one must just be an anomaly.


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