Tabs extend over close button when closing a tab

  • I submitted this bug a while back and I was wondering if any of you guys in the forum could reproduce the issue. Any suggestions on what we can do to fix this? Other than better browsing habits? xD

    (VB-26850) Tab square extends to edge of window after 56+ tabs are open after closing an individual tab in the center of web browser.

    I uploaded this so everyone could see what I mean.

  • @XtraNexus
    Will not ask why you want so many tabs. 😆
    Everyone has their own preference.

    I'm in Linux/Debian sid amd64.
    No need 56+ tabs. Just get a lot of tabs which cover entire tab bar. I could reproduce it. I categorized it as cosmetic issue. I admit, kind of annoying.

    Instead creating own fix, I opt-in to wait feature like Firefox scroll tabs as people already request & vote that. I think they also annoyed with Chromium/Chrome like fit tabs all the way.

    For now, I have many options.
    I usually use Menu > Window (Eng: Alt+w) or Quick Command (Def: F2) to list many of my tabs.
    Of course, I also use make use Vertical Tabs, which could act like list. Which ironically, has scroll if we got too many tabs.

    Personally, I think Vertical Tabs have more features than horizontal tabs.

    • Distinguish able audio icon vs site icon. On Horizontal Tab, audio icon cover site icon.
    • To achieve above looks, we need to drag (double click the container border) Vertical Tab to show just site icon. This is a feat by it self, site icon only.
    • Too many tabs? Scroll away. Yeah, the Firefox like scroll able tabs mentioned in request above is available in Vertical Tabs.

  • If you think this is bad, just wait till you see my phone's tabs xD . Turns out Chrome on Android will actually stop displaying a number once you exceed 100 tabs. The number is replaced with a 😃

    Where would one vote up on this feature? I would love that on Vivaldi, Firefox scroll tabs are one of my favorite features on Firefox!

    I'll definitely try out Horizontal Tabs for a while though, it's a much different feel than what I'm used to.

  • @XtraNexus
    Ah, the smiley when many tabs. 😄

    I don't know if you already know or notice it already. But if we do it in Private window, the smiley become wink smiley... if we open XXX site.

    About the request. This the last one;
    I know it's suppose a popular request, it been requested in random post instead in designated official request thread. Probably the random poster was a hit & run poster type.

  • That's a pretty good observation, I never noticed that!

    Thanks for the link though, I upvoted it. Hopefully more people join in on the upvoting. 🙂


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