Protonmail not working in Vivaldi?

  • When I try to use Protonmail in Vivaldi I can bring the site up, log in but when I click on anything the screen goes to a transparent gray.

    I can open Protonmail with Chrome with the same extensions I use in Vivaldi and the site works fine.

    Any Ideas on what would cause Vivaldi to not to allow full functionality on this site?


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    Login works for m account at with Vivaldi 1.8.770.56 Stable on Windows 10x64.
    Login Works in 1.9 Snapshot version.
    I use uBlocko and Privacy Badger.

    You block too much in one of your extensions!
    Try it in Private window and you will see, that it works if all extensions are off.

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    Against all odds. Probably same like issue here?

    Protonmail just find here.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64
    Vivaldi 1.9.811.13 x64

  • I have disabled my extensions where are just privacy badger HTTPS everywhere and LastPass, I also use Adguard and I shut that down to.

    I can log on to ProtonMail but if I click on anything I just get the light grayish translucent image that covers the entire webpage until I un-click. I am thinking it is some kind of javascript error/conflict with the browser or I need to enable/disable something java related.

    However if I log on with Chrome using the same extensions in able and Adguard running I can log on to Protonmail and everything works.

    I am running the latest Vivaldi 64bit and Chrome 64bit on Windows 10 pro 64bit.

  • Edit:

    I tried in in a private window and it works fine so have to be something with one of the extensions.

  • Disabled all the extensions and Protonmail does not work.

    What else does using a private window disable?

  • @Socio -- PM works just fine for me in V-SS, & has done so for a very long time. I do use many extensions including Ghostery, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere, & Avast, but still have no problems. Clearly Vivaldi per se is not the problem.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.

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    Try to turn off/on hardware acceleration in vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware like method in the thread I linked above.

  • I'm having the same issue using ProtonMail in Vivaldi with the LastPass extension enabled:

    1. Having LastPass enabled
    2. Sign in to ProtonMail
    3. Get some strange extension overlay over the whole page (when logged in)
    4. Disable LastPass from vivaldi:extensions
    5. Refresh ProtonMail -> now it works
    6. Enable LastPass and refresh the tab with ProtonMail -> still works
    7. Restart Vivaldi / Open a new tab -> goto ProtonMail again -> issue remains

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    @trimn Please report the bug to LastPass. They may have more knowledge what happens.

  • Trimn is right it has something to do with Vivaldi and Lastpass;

    I tried just disabling Lastpass from vivaldi:extensions left my other extensions enabled manually logged in to protonmail and it works fine. Log out of Protonmail and close the tab, re-enable Lastpass open the Protonmail site log back in and it is unusable.

    However I not sure it is Lastpass that is the problem as I can use Chrome with Lastpass enabled or Brave with Lastpass enabled on the Protonmail site with no problems.

    I will report it as a bug on both LastPass and Vivaldi.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Vivaldi is not on their list of supported browsers. So they won't accept any bug reports on this. Ye, I just tried. And like @Socio mentioned, this works in Chrome and Brave, and Opera. And you are all running the same engine.

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