Automatically clean cache on exit

  • Hi there guys: how can I clean cache when exiting Vivaldi? Cannot find this option that is indeed present on other major browsers and that I find very useful; I tried the Click&Clean extension too but it clean cahche when the browser restart, not when exit! LOOOL

    Please tell me there's a way

  • @brainvision
    At the moment there isn't as far as I know - but I remember that some moderator said it is in the making (I hope I don't confuse this with another topic)

  • @brainvision Cleaning on exit or restart generally makes no difference to the end user. I'm running an extension that clears cookies on restart, and it works just fine.

    But yeah, as long as Vivaldi doesn't introduce it, you will have to run 3rd party code to do it.

  • @luetage well don't know about the general usage but I always find that option so useful! Now it's really essential to me, as I need to backup my drives with macrium Reflect, and saving 500MB/1 GB of space of useless cache would be great!

    Is there someone here using an extension that really works?
    thanks guys

  • @brainvision said in Automatically clean cache on exit:

    Is there someone here using an extension that really works?

    I've yet to find a good auto-clean extension. That said, I do use the Click&Clean extension to manually clean up Vivaldi's history, downloads, cookies, cache and trashcan history before I exit the browser or whenever Vivaldi's memory footprint gets too large for comfort. Unfortunately, one still has to use Vivaldi's own browsing-history panel to clean that log as well.

  • Vivaldi settings > Privacy > Cookies > Accept Cookies > Session Only

    As far as I know this will only clear your cookies, not your history/downloads etc.

    You could also set Vivaldi settings > Privacy > Save Browsing History > One Day, which will clear your browsing history after one day, every day.

  • Hi, caching is not useless even I have a 100 MB/s line my SSD is still faster. 🙂
    If I delete my cache completely my Vivaldi directory change from 140 to 120 MB.
    Who cares.
    May you can use private window, nothing cached iirc.

    Cheers, mib

  • Why not "not use cache" at all?

    --disk-cache-dir=null (send cache to oblivion. Windows) 
    --disk-cache-dir=Z:\somewhere_dir (if you want to point it somewhere)

    Or minimize the cache use

    --disk-cache-size=1000 (value in bytes)
    --media-cache-size=1000  (value in bytes)

    I believe the value can not be 0. If we use 0, it instead will use default which seem limited to your drive capacity.


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