[FR] Disable close button on tabs

  • like classic opera feature [img]http://i.hizliresim.com/BZ2akj.png[/img] this is actually one of the reasons i can't get used to chrome and chropera

  • +1

    But I have to say that Opium's behaviour is not bad: close buttons disappear from all but current tab when you start to run out of space on the tab bar.

  • +1

    Also an idea to make it better usable on touch screens:
    If there are many tabs it can get tough to select a tab without closing it (or a neighboring one) accidentally.
    To alleviate this there could be a drag & drop gesture: As soon as a tab is dragged, a medium sized trash can appears near it (in screen center direction). Dropping the tab in the trash can closes it -> close button could be disabled without the need of a middle mouse button/keyboard

  • @RRR13:

    I disagree. The issue for me is not that I see the button, but that I click it by accident.

    Yeah, but when there's plenty of space on the tab bar, the risk of clicking on the close button accidentally is a bit smaller than normally. That's why I wrote it's not bad.

  • I agree with this feature, but it should come together with the common MDI button to close the currently active tab, as in O12.

  • You don't need to explain it to me. I'm also a fan of no close buttons at all. I just wanted to say something about OP's comment:

    this is actually one of the reasons i can't get used to chrome and chropera


    (…) but, also there is rarely plenty of space on the tab bar to begin with

    Yes, and for me that's the reason why I rarely see the close buttons in Opium (!) 😉


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