Tab Cycler is ugly, and can't be disabled easily.

  • I see this has been mentioned before, but I wanted to sort of bring together a few issues with the tab cycling into one thread.

    1. If the tab cycler is disabled, the tab re-ordering breaks, and tabs are locked to whatever order they were in before the cycler was disabled, instead of either going by the tab visual order, or by the recently used order. I've submitted a bug about it, but it's been happening for so long I figure I might be the only person who uses the mouse gestures (right click, mousewheel) to change tabs, hates the cycler and wants most recent tabs at the top of the list.

    2. Can we please get an Opera-style textual tab cycler instead of these huge, harder to parse tab thumbnails? I hate them, I can't identify a page as easily by its thumbnail, and the cycler's borderline broken. It's not centered (there are five tabs to the right of the current one, four on the left) and the highlight is so subtle I am -always- selecting the wrong tab.

    3. If you disable the 'switch tabs by scrolling' option, your mouse gesture breaks (right click mousewheel has no effect). This seems unintended - I never scroll tabs by hovering over them and mousewheeling, so I want to disable this feature (I just want to scroll the list of open tabs to reveal what's off the screen) but it breaks a critical part of the UI.

    When I used Opera, I had the tabs disabled entirely, and the tab cycler was the only way I could see what tabs were open. The Vivaldi cycler is so hard to use I have to leave the tabs enabled, and so I've got a list next to the window that doesn't reflect the tab order (maybe the tabs should re-order based on the cycler order?) and a pop-up cycler that's annoying to use. So I've got a bad and an inaccurate UI to help me navigate my tabs, and it's annoying.

    And while I'm complaining, if I use the mouse gestures to close a tab (down-right) and then open a new one (down) it still opens a random page as if I've pulled down on a link from the recently closed page. This is a long-standing and known bug.


    I love the browser, I can't go back to anything else, but man. These things drive me crazy. 🙂

  • You are not alone, I use to navigate between tabs with mouse wheel, but mostly by moving my mouse to the top of the screen and wheeling. I would like to use the right clic too, let's see if I can adopt this.
    I have disabled thumbails and tab cycler while they are totally breaking the workflow.
    As you said, it's unclear. To me, tab cycler make tab switching too slow.

    I up up up vote this topic.

  • I too don't like the current tab cycler in Vivaldi that much. While I don't have an opinion on the other tab issue, I wish we could have a vertical tab list cycler just like O12, which is much more intuitive.

    I've been saying this many times, but I'd like O12's vertical tab list cycler feature to return, and to be able to use my custom keyboard shortcuts for it. I usually use Alt + A and Alt + S to go left and right on the tab bar, and that works with O12's tab cycler, but in Vivaldi I'd have to use Ctrl + Tab/Shift + Tab in order to use the tab cycler.

    We can have thumbnails to the right of the vertical list just like O12's, which is even more ideal, but as long as we get a tab cycler that works exactly like O12's did, then I'd be more than happy. I hope we get one at some point.

  • I wanna add that we have no option to set stop going to the next tab when the last tab is reached while using mouse wheel.
    I mean for example you have 3 tabs, you right clic + mouse wheel from top to bot (right to left on tab line). You switch from tab 1 to tab 2, then from tab 2 to tab 3, then from tab3 to tab1. We NEED the ability to set the fact that tab 3 moves to nothing.
    I pretty can't use this functionality without that.

  • I do like Opera's old tab cycler much much more.

  • The current tab cycler is passable for light use with a few tabs but I'd really like to see the equivalent of the Opera 12 cycler with a text based list where you could easily see all the tabs you have open instead of only the last 7.

    It could be an advanced option instead of the default although I think Vivaldi is more geared to people who would use the more advanced options anyway.

  • @awergh Upvote my post on it to help bring attention to it:

  • Upvoting this hard, tab and subtab handling is baaaad.

  • 1 year after, we still have this painful useless tab cycling gesture....


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