Ctrl + w close windows if last tab

  • I find annoying that if the vivaldi windows doesn't have anymore tab open ctrl + w does nothing.
    The alternative is to press Ctrl + q but in case you have more that one vivaldi windows open that close all vivaldi windows ... that is annoying to 🙂

  • @postadelmaga
    Go to: Settings --> Tabs --> scroll to section "Tab Handling" --> untick the box "Don't close Window with last Tab"
    So when only one tab is left open and you press "Ctrl + W" it closes the active window but no other vivaldi windows.

  • CTRL + W = Close current tab
    CTRL + Q = Close the whole application
    CTRL + Shift + W = Close the current window.

    What you need is the last one.
    Or just change the behaviour in parameters, as described by zaibon


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