Problem with some extensions (LastPass, Pocket...)

  • When I try to install some extensions (It happened to me with Lastpass and Save to Pocket) in the permissions popup appears a warning saying that the extension can't read and write in all websites I visit because I've enabled the --scripts-require-action flag on my computer (I looked for this flag in vivaldi://flags and in the target field in the property of the Vivaldi icon but I didn't find it).
    Thus, the "Save to Pocket" extension can't save pages while LastPass didn't even let me log in at first and often do nothing when I click on the extension icon.
    Additionally, I didn't managed to register from the LastPass website because it thought my email address was invalid (now I tried again with another email address and it's OK).
    Obviously, all of this doesn't happen with Chrome.

    Here is the message that appears when I try to install Lastpass extension:


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