Snapshot 1.9.811.13 keeps asking to be set as default browser on W10 CU

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    Two updates today:

    • W10 Creators Update (64-bit)
    • Vivaldi snapshot 1.9.811.13 (64-bit)

    Now Vivaldi repeatedly asks to be set as the default web browser.
    But it already IS my default browser (and has been for a year).

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    • Vivaldi thinks it's not the default browser
      0_1492022227504_Afbeelding 001.png
    • Windows 10 (CU) is confident that Vivaldi IS the default browser (for all file types)
      0_1492022240434_Afbeelding 002.png

  • It has been discussed several times browser windows 10&in=titlesposts&sortBy=relevance&sortDirection=desc&showAs=posts
    Blame Microsoft, at every update win10 forces his own programs. I'm sure there is already an answer on this question on some of the discussion linked from that forum search

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    @iAN-CooG - My Windows 10 Creators Update (for the first major version number update on Win10 ever) smoothly accepted my Vivaldi default browser, and Vivaldi still knows it's default. So I wasn't really sure how to address this, because it didn't happen here.

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    @iAN-CooG It's easy to point at previous W10 behaviour to push the Edge browser.
    But this may be a different situation.

    1. Until yesterday I had no trouble with Vivaldi set up as my default browser
    2. Windows itself confirms that Vivaldi is the default app for all possible associated files
      And indeed it launches Vivaldi when I click a url or press the "Web browser" button on my keyboard.
    3. It's Vivaldi that's acting up. Could it be that Vivaldi is drawing a wrong conclusion?

  • @S_Paternotte If windows accepts Vivaldi as your default anyway, you could just disable "check on startup" in settings to get rid of the notification for the time being.

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    Snapshot 1.9.818.3 continues to show this behaviour. I've filed a bug: VB-27671.

    Furthermore I noticed that Vivaldi is 'hijacking' the default mail app in W10 (CU).

    1. Start Settings - Apps
    2. Windows Mail is set as default mail app
    3. In trying to set Vivaldi as the default browser, Vivaldi does not show in the list of available browsers
    4. Select default programs, select Vivaldi, setup as default program for all file types
    5. Back in the Settings - Apps window, Vivaldi appears to have pushed itself as the default mail app

    Should I add this as a separate bug?

  • @S_Paternotte

    Actually, this "hijacking" is not really a bug... Well, maybe in how Vivaldi defines itself in Windows ?

    At step 4, you actually also associated Vivaldi with mailto: protocol. If you click the second button instead of the first one (French OS, I don't know its english label) you will see a detailed list of file types and protocols Vivaldi can handle, including mailto: (which is the default email "protocol" handler).
    The button you clicked checks all of these and makes Vivaldi the default.

    This is probably intended because in the end, Vivaldi will include an email client ; however as of now it does not.

    So, you can :

    • next time you want to associate Vivaldi with filetypes, use the detailed option (to make it default browser you need to check the HTTP and HTTPS protocols) ;
    • file a bug for Vivaldi not to register itself in Windows as a mailto: handler until the mail client is properly developed.

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    @IcePanther You're right. Thank you for making this clear.
    Registering/claiming the mailto: protocol should be a seperate option, for now and also when the Vivaldi mail client is ready. I filed this as a (upcoming) bug: VB-27676


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