Autocomplete improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.9.811.13

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    @ruario said:

    For our second 1.9 snapshot we have improvements to URL autocomplete, a fix for tab chromecasting and a major update to our Chromium engine (58).

    Known issues

    • HTTP sites are inccorrectly shown as broken HTTPS (red badge) (VB-27427)
    • The panel color is wrong for some themes


    • [Regression] Favicons aren’t shown in tab history popup menu (VB-27168)
    • [Regression] URL is not prefilled in add panel dialog (VB-27187)
    • [Address Field] Autocompletion should prefer shorter history item over typed history (VB-27153)
    • [Address Field] Autocompleting can be triggered while deleting a character (VB-27239)
    • [Address Filed] Shorter History link should be prioritized over longer Bookmarked URL (VB-27303)
    • [Extensions] Drag and drop extension can have huge extension badge icons (VB-26540)
    • [Gestures] Down on links to open in a new tab is not working (VB-26710)
    • [History] Focus search field isn’t focused by default (VB-27048)
    • [Search Field] Home and End buttons work in dropdown (VB-27270)
    • [Screenshots] Capture selection should be modifiable: work is still in progress (VB-27155)
    • [Spatial navigation] Indicator changes state when clicked (VB-27273)
    • [Win7/8] Close button area shall reach edge of maximized view (VB-20251)
    • Added separate setting for space fast forward (VB-27386)
    • Misplaced “Detect Page Title Notifications” item in Settings (VB-26909)
    • Chromecasting Tab is not working correctly (VB-26553)
    • Fast forward isn’t working on some pages where we would expect it to (VB-27200)
    • Return focus from closed panel (VB-9410)
    • Upgraded to Chromium branch 58


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