When Vivaldi went from awesome to unusable?

  • First of all, I want to say that I really appreciate all browser features so far and in fact they are the reason why is Vivaldi my default browser. But I also want to say that it seems like Vivaldi is getting worse and worse with every version regarding basic functionality. For last 2 months I experienced uncountable number of lost sessions, freezes and some browser crashes. Furthermore, after new history feature has been added, my search stopped working properly. Maybe it's a new feature, I don't know, but when I press 'g' I expect google to pop up not some fancy search I've made 3 months ago. I also made sure that search doesn't prioritize bookmarks, but it has no effect on it. So on top of frequent freezes, crashes and really annoying sessions losses, there's this unreasonable search bug or feature, not really sure. I want to keep using Vivaldi, but honestly, in state it's now I will probably uninstall it completely.

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    @Consilius: Some of the problems you're having were fixed in today's snapshot.

    Others might come right if you were to refresh your profile

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    @Consilius said in When Vivaldi went from awesome to unusable?:

    For last 2 months I experienced uncountable number of lost sessions, freezes and some browser crashes.

    That is rather unusual. I'm using Vivaldi as my main browser on two different devices and I haven't experienced any of that in a long time.

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    @pafflick: To be fair, I have never experienced such issues since Vivaldi first appeared on the public scene 27.jan.2015, despite having multiple versions on this machine and testing the bleeding edge daily. However, I notice the different hardware setups, different OSes, and more frequently different extension use, affect this heavily.

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    @Ayespy I was talking in general. Vivaldi had crashed for me a couple of times in the past (for various reasons, just like any other browser), I've lost my entire session once, but I don't recall it ever freezing for me.

    It broke badly once, but it was my fault, as I switched the Browser UI to the Mail Client UI by visiting the mail internal page (it was possible in 1.6). It kept on launching with a completely unusable blank window until I restarted one of its core processes... 😁


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