Problem with Task bar in Windows since recent updates.

  • Hi Guys,

    Since your recent updates - with Vivaldi open my task bar will not pop up with notifications from any other applications nor can I bring up the task bar from below when trying to get to other open folders and files etc.
    please advise.

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    Could it be that Vivaldi window is stretched to the full screen's size? Do you have the taskbar autohiding enabled? If not, then pressing [ALT]+[SPACEBAR] and restoring/maximizing the window should help in such case...

  • @pafflick Thanks Pafflick tried that and to no evail unfortunately.

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    @Oz-linx OK, so maybe you could try refreshing your profile to get rid of that problem?

  • @pafflick Hi, I'm having the same issue as Oz-linx, starting around the same time as him, I think it's possible we're having the same underlying issue. I've tried resetting Vivaldi's profile as suggested, but nothing appears to have changed. I'm using window's taskbar auto-hide function.

    It should be worth noting the Vivaldi only seems to cover the taskbar when it's the only maximized application, having any other window fullscreen, like chrome or explorer, maximized behind Vivaldi allows it to operate normally.

    Minimizing Vivaldi while it's maximized seems to disable the auto-hide function for all other maximized applications, and persists until Vivaldi is either unminimized, or is closed.

    Very odd.

    Running version 1.9.818.3 on Windows 10, issue began persisting around the "extension shuffle" update.

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    @Stelliferrous OK, I'll try to investigate that once I'm back around my PC @ home (which will be around this Sunday), thanks for the details.

  • Hi guys, Thanks again for all your input and help and yes tried refreshing my profile as well. Still the same issue continues.

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    I've performed some tests with the taskbar autohide function enabled. I couldn't reproduce any of your issues. The taskbar kept hiding automatically once I moved the cursor away from it and popping back up, once the cursor moved to the bottom of the screen. I tried restoring/maximizing the window, turning on/off the full screen and minimizing the application. Tried it with other apps running in the background & without. All seems to work fine here...

    Tested in Vivaldi 1.8.770.56 (Stable) / 1.9.818.22 (Snapshot) (both 32-bit on Windows 10 ver. 1607, 64-bit).

    Any other ideas on how to reproduce this issue?

  • This issue with windows taskbar it's actually there since 1.0 (at least when I started using Vivaldi). Here's my bugreport sent some time ago

    Summary: Vivaldi window stays on top of Windows takbar if taskbar is set to auto hide
    Key: VB-25277
    Project: Vivaldi Browser

    Vivaldi window stays on top of Windows takbar if taskbar is set to auto hide

    Steps to reproduce:
    For me it's easily reproducibile on every windows 7 pc I have access to.
    un-maximize Vivaldi (double click on empty tab bar space or icon on top right, irrelevant)
    then drag manually left, right, upper and lower Vivaldi window borders to cover all screen as it was maximized: Vivaldi window is always above the taskbar, hovering with mouse on lower part of screen doesn't bring taskbar up.
    You can drag left Vivaldi window border a bit to the right to see the desktop on the left, then move mouse on lower border in the now visible desktop: the bar shows up but it's behind the Vivaldi Window.

    Reduce again the lower Vivaldi window border enough to leave space for the taskbar on bottom, ctrl-esc to force taskbar+windows menu to open, then remaximize Vivaldi again, now the taskbar stays on top and appears on mouse hover.

    Expected behaviour:
    Windows taskbar to be always on top

    Actual behaviour:
    Windows taskbar gets hidden by Vivaldi window if it is not maximized but has border too near to lower/upper borders.

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    @iAN-CooG said in Problem with Task bar in Windows since recent updates.:


    Developer closed it as solved.

    Seems, that the issue reappeared for some users.

    Sorry, but please report a new bug to reopen it!

  • Solved? In which release/snapshot? I never seen this in the releases notes.

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    @iAN-CooG Was a duplicate of VB-3737

  • Hi guys,
    Just to update I have for now seemed to have rectified the problem.
    It would appear "Windows explorer" was the culprit and by going to the Task Manager - Processes - Windows explorer then right click on it and click "restart " and the problem as been fixed, at least for now anyway.

    Hope that solution helps others with the same issue.
    Thanks again for all your assistance on this one.

  • re-reported verbatim as VB-27849


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