Autocomplete improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.9.811.13

  • Vivaldi Team

    For our second 1.9 snapshot we have improvements to URL autocomplete, a fix for tab chromecasting and a major update to our Chromium engine (58).

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  • great as usual

  • Thanks!
    And Happy Easter Holiday to the Vivaldi Team!

  • Hi there. Can I "downgrade" from x64 to x86? I'm on Win7x64 and the Vivaldi start ist very slow (5 sec) compared to Opera / Firefox. Even when Vivaldi is already running it takes up to 4 sec to open a new window... Maybe x86 can fix this for me.

  • @Irontiger

    • Back-up your Vivaldi profile for precaution.
    • Un-install your Vivaldi x64 just to more sure everything not your Vivaldi user profile got cleaned up.
    • Install your Vivaldi x86 version.

    Consider to try "Standalone" at Vivaldi setup.
    Consider to report more info like your system spec, extensions or 3rd party applications running. So the devs could look for the issue.

  • @helsten2
    Regardless your last post on previous snapshot. About web panel icon disappear.

    I could only notice the icon didn't show up when we fresh start up in this 1.9.811.13 snapshot. Once I click on it the icon back to original. Which I know, still not right behavior.

  • whoa, looks like url bar won't make me throw another item from my desk out of the window anymore! finally, as i have almost empty desk now!

    downloading right now!

  • Just a personal preference, but I think that http sites should be marked as insecure.

  • @LonM
    Isn't Chromium/Chrome plan to do that homework upstream?
    If they do, we won't need to do anything from here.

  • @dleon: If I stop and start Vivaldi , some icons are always gone (usually the same ones). If I click them, they usually (but not always) appear again.

  • The only time I have ever skipped a new snapshot of Vivaldi was the previous one. Because the first line in known bugs ....You know which one I mean.....mouse gestures yeah, yeah. Now when it is fixed I can go to my usual programming and install the latest snapshot. Happy Holidays to our beloved team from Slovakia!

    btw Anybody has problems with saving passwords in Vivaldi. Especially multiple entries for single site like google mail. The dialog asking for saving the passwords will simply not show up in the upper right corner. Some other sites as well. Extremely annoying. Tested on both Win 7 an 10 with latest x64 snapshot of Vivaldi.

  • GPU Rasterization:
    the standard setting is: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled.
    In Chrome the standard setting is: Hardware accelerated
    Is there a reason that Vivaldi uses a different setting?

  • Here's one thing that would be very cool if you could fix, because as far as I know it's something that other browsers also do wrong:

    Some wifi networks require you to provide additional login information, or simply to accept their terms and conditions. Accordingly, if you try to load a website, you are rerouted to a page belonging to the provider. The problem is that the page you were trying to load is not in the tab history --- you cannot return there by pressing the back button. At best this is an inconvenience, because it requires you to manually retype the address. At worst, the tab is completely lost because you had it loaded from before, the address is long and complex and you don't even remember what that tab was because all you get to see is the wifi login page.

    Please allow us to move back to the address we were trying to load before the tab got hijacked by the wifi network. And perhaps add an option to disable automatic redirects to different domains, asking us for our consent instead.

  • @dleon: Thanks for replying.
    No differences between x86/x64 with current or new profile.
    No differences between standalone / install for all users.

    It's my Notebook for work (Company). Sprcs:
    Win 7 x64 all updates
    RAM: 8 GB
    CPU: i7 2620M
    GPU: Integrated in CPU
    SSD: Samsung 840 PRO 512GB

    I don't think that my specs are too low.
    For comparison: My private system doesn't have any issues.
    WIn 10 x64 (Creator)
    RAM: 32 GB (DDR4 / 3200 Mhz)
    CPU: Intel Corei7 6700k
    GPU: MSI GTX 1070 Gaming Z 8G
    SSD: Samsung EVO 1TB

    Yes, my private system is more powerful, but I expected my work notebook to be powerful enough for Vivaldi (even Opera / FF work fine).


    Besides @dLEON: I really like you avatar, pretty cool 😉

  • Seems like the autocomplete changes do not work for me.
    The adress field still autocompletes to a long bookmark entry instead of short history or typed history entries.


    I type "maps" and instead of "" (typed) or "" (history) the autocompletion uses "" (bookmark).

  • Hi,

    Some extensions that open a popup do not work anymore. Example : Evernote Web Clipper.

  • @Irontiger
    Info like you just just gave would help to start.
    I know they're keep working on tuning up Vivaldi. It's a continues homework unfortunately. Every user system are different.

    Besides @dLEON: I really like you avatar, pretty cool 😉

    Are you into dogphilia?
    (I must stay away) 🤣

  • @dleon: I think in some time in the future, all http will be marked insecure. But for now it's supposed to mark it as insecure only if there is a password input field on the http page.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @reiner1302: I don't think so, no.

  • @cqoicebordel: in relation to performance: what would be the better setting?


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