Vivaldi is frozen when opened. I can't close windows, export bookmarks, or refresh my profile.

  • Hi, today my Vivaldi browser froze. I use Vivaldi on a macbook pro. I quit Vivaldi & re-opened it. I can neither close any of the windows that open, nor can I get any of the functions to open, like 'preferences' or 'export bookmark'. I can click on functions, but nothing happens. The exception is that 'quit' works. I can hear the sound from videos that I had open, but I cannot access them to close them. I am guessing that I will need to reinstall Vivaldi, but I cannot even copy or refresh my profile or bookmarks to do so. Any help is appreciated. I am hoping not to lose my work bookmarks.

  • I should mention that, when I start up Vivaldi, it is starting with all the windows & tabs that I had open during the previous session, the time it froze & stopped responding. In the past, Vivaldi never started up with windows & tabs that were open when Vivaldi shut down previously. Now, for the purpose of fixing this issue, I would like Vivaldi to start up with only one new window.

    Also, I tried over five hours yesterday, to quit & re-open Vivaldi; this is not a one-off situation. I even left Vivaldi open at one point for 2.5 hours to see if the situation would resolve itself with time. I thought, perhaps, the multiple windows, tabs, & videos were causing it to slow down drastically.

  • Close Vivaldi, open Activity Monitor and force quit all Vivaldi processes that might still linger on. Then go to username/library/application support/vivaldi/default and delete the files Last Session, Current Session and maybe even Top Sites. This should do the trick, hopefully.

    You can access the user library by clicking on Go on top of Finder, and then pressing and holding the alt key. This will reveal the hidden library folder.

  • Vivaldi is frozen

    I've got a feeling... You just need to "Let It Go".

    Okay, okay, just joking.

  • @dLeon It took me a while to find out that this is actually a cheesy song, with horrendous melody (? brrr) and spineless lyrics. This isn't a joke, it made me sad :'/

  • @luetage
    Same, I don't like the movie either.
    It's annoy me a lot cause the kids here like to sing it instead our own language music.

  • Way to hijack the thread :D

    So, what's your favourite movie?

  • @luetage
    Okay, okay cut it out. Seem I threw a shark bait.

    It won't help the OP if we continue. :laughing:

  • @dLeon 😂 After a second or two delay - sporting a stupid look on my face - it sunk in. Good one!

  • @luetage I have a question before I do that: will I lose bookmarks or profile information if I follow this procedure? I'm currently backing up in Time Window.

  • @Aislinn No, you won't, it's only your session files, bookmarks are stored in another file, not sure what you mean by profile, sessions are part of your profile too, so yes, you will lose these -- but that's exactly what you want. But I can't guarantee it will work, since I never had this problem.

    If you want to make real sure you can copy your whole Default folder to a secure location.

  • @luetage Thank you sincerely for your help. Your suggestion worked perfectly. You and @dLeon made this situation entertaining. Never hesitate to 'hijack' any thread where you are helping us out. Humor is never a bad thing when dealing with misbehaving computers. Thank you again. PS: I wanted to answer your question regarding favorite movies, but I'm not sure I have a favorite.

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