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  • Hello, I'm new user of "Opera" like browsers, and I would like to ask how exactly "collect tabs" are working. In Vivaldi now: 1. I have 2 groups of collected tabs, each tab has 2 pages inside, I can't add more that 2 pages in one tab. [url][/url] Is it ok? No more than 2? It' not much 🙂 2. I can't collect more than 2 groups. Is it OK? Or is it bug? Thank you for your answer. Have a nice day. Tomas PS: I'm using Vivaldi (Developer Build) snapshot on Archlinux amd64 PPS: Ok, I found that for collecting more tabs it should have same URL (domainName?) [b]Or is it possible to collect tabs by myself as I want?[/b]

  • I can create more as 2 groups with more as 2 tabs. No problem. With different domain names too.

    Same version: Vivaldi on Linux Mint 17.1 with KDE

  • Collect tabs (tab bar context menu) groups tabs by domain name, but you can also group tabs just by dropping one on top of another.

  • Oh my god 😃
    It's working, I was too quick when I wanted to try to add some tab to some group. Tab group always moves to the left or to the right not into it.
    Thank you very much 😉


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