Lost the lot

  • Well, yesterday I updated Vivaldi, App Trap asked what I wanted to do with the old files and for once I thought I would trash them. Big mistake! All my bookmarks, preferences, the few site passwords I had saved, my Speed Dials and my extensions all gone. Is there no way to login to Vivaldi browser and have all of my preferences restored. If not why not because this means Vivaldi would be no use on another computer.

  • Moderator

    @Annerod Unfortunately, not yet. People "in the know" are saying that a Sync service is in the works, and many people have asked for an easy, convenient way to export Vivaldi preferences, bookmarks, settings, session data, etc.

    Vivaldi on macOS also stores all of its data in regular files that can be backed up. So, if you happened to have Time Machine set up on your system and have backups of ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/, you should be able to restore your Vivaldi profile. If the Chrome Safe Storage key is still intact in your Keychain, you should also be able to regain access to your saved passwords as well.


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