using vivaldi as default web browser

  • Hello.

    I have an issue with using Vivaldi as my default web browser.

    I am on Windows 10 and use four virtual desktops. There is more than one copy of Vivaldi running most of the desktops.

    When I click on a web link from my email program (or anywhere else I have a web link), Vivaldi is activated. However it could be on another desktop. As part of this, Windows switches me to that desktop. But when I look at the instance of Vivaldi that is activated, I do not see the link displayed. Why is that?

    If I go back to the mail program and click the link again. It takes me to the same browswer and desktop as before. The link is sill not there.

    Same if I try it over and over.

    However digging through the virtual desktops, I find the link showing on an instance of Vivaldi running on a completely different virtual desktop.

    This makes the system almost impossible to use as default browser. Even with multiple Vivaldi instances on the same desktop, I don't know where the link will pop up.

    If I switch the default browser to Chrome and click a link, the instance of Chrome in which the link-target appears at the forefront and the virtual desktop on which this instance of Chrome resides is activated in front of me. It seems to me that his is the behavior I want.

    Generally, I cannot allow Vivaldi to be my default web browser. I would like to.


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