"Close tab" mouse gesture interpreted too early as "new tab" gesture

  • Sometimes, when I want to close tab with a mouse gesture, it is interpreted at the end of downward motion as a new tab gesture, which makes it a VERY annoying.

  • Moderator

    You must be doing it incorrectly then, or your mouse buttons are too sensitive and you release them too quickly.

    Closing the tab gesture is the one that I perform all the time, every day (sometimes I do that unconsciously in apps that don't even support mouse gestures 😆) and I can't complain about Vivaldi in this regard... For me, it works flawlessly.

  • No problem here. I use GestureDown, GestureRight for New Tab, and GestureDown for Scroll Page to bottom.

    If you're annoyed by frequent errors, reassign your mouse gestures so that there is no possibility of conflicts.

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