Tip for G-mail call users re: Microphone input issues

  • I use the call feature built into G-mail that is also on Google hangouts. It allows you to make phone calls from your G-mail.

    I had a problem that the person who I was calling could not hear me. I tried to choose the microphone I was using from the settings in Hangouts and from the call box in G-mail, but my microphone was not an option - only the default. If I do the same thing from Chrome, all my microphone choices are there in the settings box (there are 3 in my case - default, Yeti Blue, and Bluetooth in headphones).

    The solution is the following:

    Paste this into the address bar: vivaldi://chrome/settings/content

    In the centre box, scroll down to Microphone and choose the one you want from the list in the box right below.


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