Have Vivaldi not automatically restart after autoupdate?

  • Since some of us have to constantly make the two file changes after each update (i.e. custom css), it's counter-productive for Vivaldi to immediately restart itself before we have the opportunity to do that.

    Is there a hack to have Vivaldi not automatically restart itself after an update?

  • Simple "hack": don't update immediately, backup your files outside vivaldi dirs, update, restore your files in the new vivaldi dir.
    It's what I do with VivaldiHooks files on every update 🙂

  • @iAN-CooG Yes, I didn't mean in the sense that modified files were being lost, just in the sense that I have to immediately close Vivaldi, change/copy the files, and then run it.

    If it never ran automatically, that extra cycle could be avoided. After several iterations of this, you can't help but start thinking that there has to be a better way to autoupdate.

    Yes, I could disable autoupdates, download the full installer when I happened to notice that an update was available, and update that way (oh, come to think of it, I think Vivaldi might run automatically afterwards that way too!), but I was hoping to take advantage of the autoupdate and just make it act a little less enthusiastically.

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    I'm not sure whether I'm getting the correct behavior here, but I have the "autoupdate" checked in settings since it made its appearance in 1.8 and I'm still being asked to install every update like I used to before... 🙄

  • @pafflick I'm pretty sure that "Enable autoupdate," which is the one I'm talking about, has been around for a long time. That is the one that will prompt you to update upon running Vivaldi, which is fine (if you want that), except that it automatically restarts Vivaldi (which is also fine...for most people).

    The new thing is "Notify about new updates when Vivaldi is not running," which works by checking for updates when you're logging in to the OS (at least in the case of Windows). That one's unrelated to what I was asking about.

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    @rseiler Are you sure about it? I've just installed 1.6 quickly and there's nothing about updates in the settings (or at least I'm unable to find it?)...

    I found this in the changelog for 1.8.770.9:

    [Windows] Adding a preference to enable or disable autoupdate (VB-25880)

    I thought that it would finally become capable of installing silently in the background (as lot of the sofwtare does nowadays), but it looks like it didn't actually change anything for me...

    Oh, and BTW even with the "autoupdate" enabled it never closed automatically on me, it always shows the dialog to close the browser and start the update (after it's downloaded). I'm using Vivaldi on Windows 10 (x86 & x64).

  • @pafflick I could have sworn that it was there, but I know the second item there is new, at least.

    So perhaps before the first item wasn't in the UI and so was mandatory. If that's the case, I'm not sure why unchecking the first option isn't working for you.

    There is no Chrome-like updating mechanism yet, and I doubt there will be. That would mean loading up Scheduled Tasks with at least one task that's running early and often.

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    @rseiler I haven't unchecked that as I do prefer autoupdates. My problem is that I'd like to skip the confirmation part - just update the browser and don't bother me about it. 😜 It could just download the update (in the background) while I'm using the browser and then just fire it up the next time I launch the browser. I believe/hope it's not overly complicated from the devs standpoint...


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