Torrent Client inbuilt

  • An inbuilt torrent client will be a good option for heavy downloaders where they don't need to go for any Operating system specific client to open and download the files. They can download the torrents while they browse online and should be able to see the status of the download from the inbuilt client itself.

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    @sagar.nair - This might actually happen in time...

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    This is already in the Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10 thread, but incredibly, it has 13 downvotes (- 3 upvotes). I have no idea why so many would be opposed to this, although I do not need it myself.

    torrent download like opera 12

    i know vivaldi it's a browser but it would be nice to have the ability to download torrents back...this time maybe with a more powerful tool which can download even magnet and let us choose what to download inside a torrent (or magnet)

  • @Pesala Yeah, there's something wrong with the downvotes in those threads - I believe it has something to do with the way the request is described. If you don't stress the fact that the feature you're asking for (like - in your case - switching tabs with LMB+scroll or in my case - allowing search suggestions in private windows) should (obviously) be optional, then people somehow assume that you want that feature to be forced on them and will just downvote it. It's most likely not the case with that "torrent" request, but I've noticed it a couple of times...

  • @Pesala really? I don't understand it, I'd love if this went back , i didn't need an extra program for this

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    @ozoratsubasa It looks like if you vote for it twice it gets a downvote. If you vote for it three times, the added downvote is removed.

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