javascript event.preventDefault();

  • HI!... I'm a old Opera user I recently heard about Vivaldi and inmediatly installed it !!..... Good work!... I really missed that opera old features!!

    We developed a lot of apps that have hotkeys on the function keys (F1-F10), so IO found that when any of its keys is in use by Vivaldi, it ignores the JS method event.preventDefault().

    IE: a function that consume a F7 keystroke, even calling preventDefault() or stopPropagation() launches the bookmark panels on left.


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    I've tried once to use .preventDefault();/.stopPropagation(); methods in Vivaldi to catch MMB clicks and I failed, but I haven't ever investigated that issue too thoroughly. Anyway, in case you'd like to report that bug directly to Vivaldi Developers, you can do so, by filing this form.

  • Cool! I did report it!... thank you very much!

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    @sebaxtz Actually, I'm an idiot - I haven't realized that it might be an already known issue as it's probably the reason behind the very well known bug of keyboard shortcuts used in WYSIWYG editors (and such) triggering browser functions (like CTRL+B to set bold text actually launches bookmarks).

    AFAIK Vivaldi doesn't support either of those methods (or deliberately ignores them) as it's UI is built in HTML & JS and perhaps they did that to avoid some conflict? I don't know, but I should've obviously connected the dots earlier. Nevertheless, thanks to your post I've learned something new. 😄

  • Actually, Ive tried hitting Ctrl+B into a editor, and Ive got the same behavior!.. The selections gets bold, but also pops up the bookmark frame!.

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    Yes, that is a known issue and the developers work on this problem to defend the bubbling up of keypresses of webapps up to Vivaldi!


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