[Fixed] Tiny but annoying issue with JIRA

  • Hi there,
    As a developer myself, I use to use Jira as an everyday tool, and I just figured out that tooltips on Jira ticket pages are no longer displayed in Vivaldi, while they were in a former version (unfortunately, I don't know which one).
    Indeed, our IT team likes to update servers without notice, hence I first assumed that it was a kind of regression introduced by Jira itself. But opening a ticket in Firefox today revealed the sad truth: the regression is in my browser of choice! 😉
    FYI, hovering dates in a Jira ticket is supposed to show a tooltip with the full date (ie. non-relative, with time), it should work on "created"/"updated" dates on the RHS, but also on comments dates. Actually it works with Firefox (50.0.2) but not with Vivaldi (1.9.804.3), while it used to work in a previous version.

  • Just figured out that this is likely not a Vivaldi issue, but a Chromium one, as I just checked with Chrome 57.0.2987.133, and I faced the same issue. I will file an issue for Chrome.

  • Moderator

    As Vivaldi developers use JIRA themselves (to manage bug reports & feature requests for the browser), I believe they're already aware of that... 😉


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