An advance download manager for Vivaldi

  • I think Vivaldi browser needs an advance download manager because all browsers have very slow download manager for downloading file and also not well defined as compared to external download mangers that are only for downloading (like idm ...etc.) those download manager are also very fast and powerful for downloading especially for large files (like movies...etc) and they also show every thing about downloading like speed, size, how much time passed and left etc . I think if you integrate an advanced and powerful download manager that would be a great addition.

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    @uzma There are several requests regarding downloads in the Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10, but there is room for another one. One request per post is the right way to do it, then users can vote for each feature request, and the devs can get a rough idea which are the most popular.

  • @Pesala room for one another means?

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    @uzma I don't think any of the existing threads cover all of the advantages of a proper download manager.

  • @Pesala you are right! but basically i am not telling the advantages i just want to give them a suggestion because i am also a vivaldi user and i have other browsers also but when i come to download something they are very slow and are not able to be managed vivaldi browser is better than others but do not has as fine experience as the specific download managers have in downloading

  • There is one browser that has a standout download manager - the best I've used - it is SlimJet.

    I have to test websites on all the browsers both Windows and Linux based, and though I like Vivaldi the best for my own work, I can tell you the Slimjet download manager is amazing. I would love it if the Vivaldi team took that as their template and added a version to Vivaldi.

    Here is an explanation page:

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    I added this post to the Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Advanced Downloads Management


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