Photos have disappeared

  • All the photos that I stored in my account have disappeared overnight - including the ones I posted yesterday. All that's left are empty albums. Any idea what happened?

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    @asman: Developers are working on the user blogs. This may be temporary.

  • @Ayespy Ok. Thanks! :relieved:

  • @Ayespy Just wondering: any idea how long this will take?

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    @asman: Last I could see, they were still working on it. You might PM (use the "chat" feature in your forum profiles) @christian with your concern to see if he can check anything for you.

  • @Ayespy Are the developers still working on the blogs? PM'd @christian, but no answer yet.

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    @asman: Yes, saw comments about it today.

  • Sent a PM to @christian two weeks ago -- no reaction.
    Nothing seems to have changed, so I presume my photos are lost forever... ah, well... :angry:

  • The same happened to me I discovered today. When I try to see the photo via "View as original" I get the following error notification:

    "Not Found

    The requested URL /media/com_easysocial/photos/37627/104248/hund-und-katz_original.jpg was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 443"

  • Isn't the original vivaldi community site being phased out anyway? I would bet I read about it somewhere... this and that a blog replacement is in the making.

  • But on the "Forum Profile" there is no possibility to post or upload photos and you can't see the old ones either. I would be really angry if all my uploaded photos were lost because I haven't got all of them on my pc.

  • Yesterday, I noticed this problem too.

    If you posted this over a month ago, why is it taking so long to fix this bug?

  • @paulturner The whole blog and photos section is in heavy flow because it will be switched over to a different software platform. This is quite a huge rebuild, especially because some other interesting things are connected to that too that needs all of Vivaldi's website developers. Sadly that means we will have to wait for our photos to reoccur until the new website is launched.
    (Yes, my photos are "gone" too)

  • hello asman
    another of tony's roles at vivaldi is to be the vivaldi poltergeist. blame it on tony. tony had once taken our photos, but returned them later. I took back a photo, but i can see that tony keeps a thumbnail of it. tony makes clouds and lives in a cave; your photos are in the cave not the cloud. If there was a dead link instead of no link at all then You would probably see tony there Smiling like he had just looked at Your photos. Though it was called "user feed" We do not think that tony eats the photos. beta time is funtime; without permanence only expectation for improvement. Thanks to QuHno for encouraging report; no sadness in await.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Sorry for the troubles and thanks everyone for being so patient with us. We have made good progress lately with the blog transfer and are hoping to release the new blogs in a couple of weeks. As soon as we know more, we'll let you know.

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