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  • Good morning. I am a heavy user of the internet, mostly for family history research. My session would normally consist of a dozen tabs, and almost always I am entering data, then hitting a 'search' button. Some of the sites I use take a long time to display the results of a search. This is EXPECTED behavior.

    My issue is - with Vivaldi I never know if I have missed clicking the search button. There is no visual representation (that I can recognise/see anyway) to tell me the search is underway.

    Am I missing something, or should I request this as an enhancement? I require something that is animated and obvious. As an example In Chrome the icon that is on the r/h side of the tab changes to a rotating arrow.


  • I miss this also, something akin to Firefox's spinning wheel on the tab icon would be cool.
    At the moment as far as I know Vivaldi has nothing equivalent to that.

    Do make sure that you have Page Loading Progress Bar option enabled in user preferences under the Address Bar section. It is not as responsive as Firefox's method, but it works well most of the time.

  • Yeah, Vivaldi should implement something like this. You can do several things now.

    @keyframes spin {
        from {transform:rotate(0deg);}
        to {transform:rotate(360deg);}
    div.tab-header span.progressing + span.favicon {
        animation-name: spin;
        animation-duration: 1000ms !important;
        animation-iteration-count: infinite;
        animation-timing-function: linear;

    This code was made by isildur and is from the original modding thread. The thread is such a mess that I couldn't find the according post anymore, but I'm using the spinning favicon myself, and it works great.

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    When a page is still loading, you should notice that the Reload icon has changed to a Stop icon.

    0_1491893499490_Page Loading.png

  • I become too used to how Vivaldi work, it become a habit to just glance if that "X" icon still there.

    For background tabs loading, there's an increasing line to inform the page still loading.

    I don't have problem with the request though. It's nice to have options isn't it?

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    @dLeon _ That's interesting, isn't it? I also always glance for the "X" now.

  • @elricks Thanks to all responders. I loaded the suggested hooks, and was amazed at all the changes that popped up. It only took a couple of minutes to work out how to change things back...

    The suggestion to look at the X is exactly what I wanted. It is the visual clue that I thought I was missing. I will add comments to suggested features to make this in some way animated so that it is easier to recognise... I just hope I can word it clearly.


  • @elricks status update, with thanks to all who responded.

    (1) Enhancement req lodged.
    (2) After installing VivaldiHooks, and deactivating all the enhancements I did not need, I now have an animated icon in the tab.
    (3) Looking for the X in place of the 'reload page' icon (l/h side of address bar) is sufficient for my needs.

    Even though (2) and (3) covers off my need, in the spirit of having a browser that does not require add-ons and is user friendly, I felt it was OK to ask for an enhancement.


  • This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

  • @Ayespy
    Hope not different "X".
    I'm innocent. 😁


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