Typing in address bar -> autocomplete illogical

  • Hi, this wasn't happening in some last version 1.7. But now its very annoying. Where autocomplete takes "data" for completing what i type?

    For example I want youtube so I write y and It gives me some older address for concrete video, not the oldest, not the most viewed by me, not the latest or whatever. From my perspective Its some absolutely random link/video. In v1.7 when i typed y it gave me youtube[dot]com/ (why is it automatically link in here omg). I want just root domain not some random video.
    And this is happeing with almost everything.

    Another example, I'm visiting some site a lot, It starts with t so i type t and it give me some concrete address i visited in 2015/16 not related to what I want/what I visit very often. I'm pretty sure in v1.7 the most visited site was first at autocomplete suggestion.

    What happend and how can i get back this logic behavior instead of some stupid "random".

    I like vivaldi, and I'm switching to It as primary browser, but these "little things" are killing me. PLEASE don't be like google, who ruin everything that, by some miracle, is working and everyone is happy using it but they hate happy people, so goodbye feature/app/service and hello twice big, slow as hell cripple.

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    @nightraven: Autocomplete bugs are known and being worked on.

  • @Ayespy well excuse me but this is kinda poor excuse since it worked fine some version ago. Are they known since TP versions? Or for this last 1.8? And "being worked on" mean just wait one or two weeks to fix as it used to be. Or wait to version 1.9 maybe 1.15 wheter it magically starts working again.

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    @nightraven Regressions also happen. Being impatient doesn't make anything happen faster, it just makes it seem to take longer.

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    @nightraven: Chromium updates often break things that are "working fine" in Vivaldi. The developers fix them as well and as rapidly as they can. This will be fixed as soon as they can get it fixed.

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    @nightraven I know this is just a workaround and that everyone has a different customs/workflow, but here's my approach:

    I never relied on the autocomplete in any browser. Its behavior was always faulty for me and it never really worked as expected.

    Instead, I use bookmarks for the sites that I visit often. In Vivaldi, you can assign nicknames to your bookmarks. The great thing about it is that the nicknames can consist of just one letter (though different one for each bookmark), so that you can assign - for example - y to youtube.com and then go to YouTube every time you type y to the address bar and hit [ENTER]. I mean, every, single, time.

    I also use the Quick Commands menu ([F2]) which has the great ability to open new tabs upon matching the bookmark's nickname, without the requirement of confirming it with the [ENTER] key (configurable in settings). That's why I use nicknames that contain at least two letters (like yt for YouTube, fb for Facebook etc.).

    I know it's hard to break the old habits sometimes (I'm still trying to accustom the Quick Commands menu, after using it for quite a few months), but I think it's worth giving it a try at least...

  • @pafflick thanks, this looks interesting. Maybe I use some combination of your suggestions. But I was happy enough with the behavior as it was. Unless some fix come very soon I'll try your way. I usually don't like "radical" customizations if its not necessary, simply to spare myself from sadness with other browsers 🙂 thanks again.

    @Ayespy ok, when it is it will be...

    @Pesala wut? Are you trying to calm me or what? I found some time to ask about this problem, so I asked. It's not today/yesterday problem, I was patient as long as I possibly could. I was hoping that it will fix itself by using the browser. Nothing happend so I went here. And all i got was "Yea, so what, we know and dont care" And since plenty very stupid bugs are alive for many versions, I didn't accept that as answer. But I didnt get any better anyway. And you are telling me "Being impatient doesn't make anything happen faster" 🙄

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    @nightraven - I've been having some backstage discussions with the developers on this. It is on their radar.

  • @Ayespy thx 😘


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