Bug: Some pages are not correctly drawn when Vivaldi starts

  • Some pages, like this French TV programme or this link to a apecific post in a forum, are not displayed correctly when they are opened from a shortcut and Vivaldi is not running when the shortcut is activated.

    Curiously, if Vivaldi is already running, or if the page is called from within Vivaldi itself (via the favorites, the speed dial or a link on another page), there is no problem. Also, if you click the Reload button, the page is reloaded and displayed correctly.

    It seems that Vivaldi does only the first part of the job: it loads the page. But it omits the second part when it has been launched to open the page: it doesn't put things as they should be, or it doesn't jump to the specified anchor. Could it be because it is busy doing other things, such as initializing the extensions?

    It's a pity, because Vivaldi cannot currently be used to open directly the TV programme, or to load directly the right post on the forum from an email client. I hope this bug will be fixed rapidly. Thanks!

    NOTE: To reproduce the bug, simply drag one of the two URLs above to your desktop to create a shortcut, close Vivaldi, and double-click the shortcut.


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