input 'search anything.js ' in omnibox, will fail to seach

  • the string will be interpreted as an url, then fail to query DNS.

  • works for me in 1.9.804.3 snapshot, which vivaldi version are you using?

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    Can't confirm your problem with 1.8 Stable and 1.9 Snapshot on Win 10x64.

    Which search engine do you have configured?

  • Can confirm. Inputting exactly "anything.js" will try to open a webpage on newest snapshot.

  • Is this "Omnibox" actually "Quick Command"?

  • @luetage said in input 'search anything.js ' in omnibox, will fail to seach:


    well but that's is a valid site name
    g anything.js
    to make it search for it instead of trying it as site

  • @iAN-CooG

    Well, .js is not a valid TLD; only experienced users having set their own local DNS resolution, or intranet users with a peculiar network administrator, with such a TLD would correctly see this as a website.

    I myself encountered such a behavior several times, and was mildly annoyed at it ; though I, as a power user, know why the URL "looks like" (technically, IS a valid URL, as you pointed out) a website if simply parsed, I still am used to the navigator defaulting to search in this use case.

    Maybe (it would require an option in the settings, though) URL search could be restricted to valid TLDs for the average/typical user ? Otherwise default to search with default engine.

    Or (better?), enable (again, with optional setting to enable/disable such behavior ?) to default on "search with default search engine", when DNS resolution fails, like other browsers do (Firefox, Edge, Chrome...) ?
    I don't know if this is possible, given I don't know what level of interaction Chromium permits (i.e. if Vivaldi developers can set a handler on DNS failure)

    Edit : I would include a TLD list from Wikipedia, but the forum software does not let me, flags my post as spam when I include it ?

    Edit 2 : This only applies when exactly inputting (except quotes) "anything.js" in the URL bar, "search anything.js" correctly searches it literally

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    @luetage But entering only anything.js was not the poster's problem!
    Yes, and xxxxxx.xy will try to resolve as a domain, too – that is OK as it is a valid domain part. Independantly from non-existance of such domain.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    I forgot that, version is 1.8.770.54 (Stable channel) 32bit/win.
    I was trying to search 'vue.js' in the location/url bar, the search engine things were not touched. I just installed it.

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    Yes, IANA list shows .js is not a official TLD.


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