GMail Configuration always lost

  • I have used nearly 10-15 browsers in total on different OS like windows & linux. One peculiar problem I am facing in windows OS ( Windows 7 64 bit ). After every shut down of windows, whenever I re-use vivaldi browser, every time I have to re-configure my GMail account from ab-initio. Means I have to fill all the details again & again. Which means my previous details feeded are either vanished or delinked. I have used internet explorer, firefox, google-chrome, U C browser, opera & much others. This problem of vanishing/delinking previous details is new for me. And despite the fact that your browser is much-much faster that the others mentioned above, I am bound to divert myself towards other browsers mentioned above.
    Would you please look in the matter deeply and evolve the reason behind it? I again repeat your browser is feature-rich, fast but this lacuna compels me to avoid it. So if you want to make your browser popular, please please find a solution for it.


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    Hi, I don't use Gmail, so I can't test this, but it's a popular service and for sure there is a lot of people using it on Vivaldi without such issue - but since nobody replied yet, here's what I would recommend:

    (first of all, I'm not sure what do you mean by "the details" you have to fill in after each browser restart, so I assume it's some page configuration settings)

    1. Make sure that you're not using any extensions (especially adblockers);
    2. Check the cookies settings to see if you don't have any exception rules for Google domains set to "Block" or "Clear on exit": vivaldi://chrome/settings/contentExceptions#cookies;
    3. Clear browsing data and restart the browser if necessary;
    4. Temporarily refresh your profile.

    Try all of these steps one by one, checking after each one, if the issue still persists.


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