Exporting Vivaldi data

  • I must make a confession: I don't think Vivaldi is for me. I want to like it, I really do, but I just can't.

    I plan on moving to Firefox, but I can't export the data I need to move over to Firefox.

    The data in question are my bookmarks, saved passwords and cookies. Is there any way I can export all three to a Firefox-readable format?

  • @Rusakov
    For the bookmarks click the vivaldi logo in the upper left corner -->File --> Export Bookmarks. I am not sure about the cookies and passwords though.
    But you can access your saved passwords when you go to vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#password in the section "Passwords and Forms" click on "Manage Passwords" so even if it's unhandy your pw's aren't lost

  • I don't know for import passwords to Firefox, but you can export this from Chrome (Opera, Vivaldi).

    Password import and export Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
    Import and Export functionality in password settings.
    Then restart Vivaldi

    Go chrome://settings/passwords → Export as passwords.csv

  • @zaibon
    I think you mean File > "Import Bookmarks & Settings". 😁
    There's an option to import some of Mozilla Firefox settings in drop down.

  • @Rusakov
    In File > "Import Bookmarks & Settings" > Mozilla Firefox.
    As far I can tell, all those ticks are working except importing search & history.
    We can't import Firefox search settings to any other browsers which used to support it since Firefox move the settings to SQLITE form compressed with modified compressor. It's a pain just to extract the original file.

    Nevertheless, export/import bookmarks probably the easiest & has multiple ways.
    One usual way, export bookmarks as HTML in Firefox. And in other browsers, including Vivaldi, just import the HTML.

    About cookies.
    Is there any browsers that do cross browser export/imports cookies without breaking it? In this thread case, export/import from Firefox to Chromium based.
    I think I ever met one. But if not mistaken, I end up clearing the cookies because everything become broken. Some cookies logged that it being used with specific browser.


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