[Bug] Open link with mouse gesture

  • Opening a link by right clicking and a downward gesture now only opens a blank new page. This was working OK until the latest update to 1.9.804.3

    Could someone please confirm?

  • @mth
    There is a reason why you get shown the changelog before you can install a new version of vivaldi.
    This is listed as "Known Issue".
    You can read about this in the blog too.

    0_1491813242386_knwon issues.png

  • Moderator

    @mth Snapshots are versions to introduce new features and giving users the chance to test fixed bugs.
    Snapshots compared to Stables may contain some new bugs.
    You should have a look at the Known issues section and changelog before you install such testing versions.

    Perhaps in next Snapshot version your gesture bug may got fixed.


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