Hi from Belgrade!

  • Hi guys!..:)

    I guess following etiquette here (although I seem to be unable to find the topic), found a photo on Google Images - really a 100m away from my place, leading down to the river:

    kgbme's stairs

    ... "Old Belgrade" isn't such a ruin (LOL), the photo is a bit old(er). The incer city is, however, mostly old buildings - many of which have been converted from pre-WW1&WW2 built houses, on top of which floors had been added (& such) & also many 50s and 60s communism-era quick constructions to allow for rapid expansion and growth; a whole (new) city arose, called "New Belgrade" across from the river(s): "Sava" and the Denube.

    Anyway, I suppose I should edit this topic - once I post it and try to make sense of everything I'd just written! xD

    Edit: Here's another photo, again found through Google Images, both showing the city (much) further North... Not too many high-rises at all! (and btw., strangely, Wikipedia lists the population as being ~1.7 million):

    alt text

    ... With the surrounding neighborhoods (municipalities, towns), it's possible that the population count could be closer to ~3 million, easily, as we've seen (an almost total!) disintegration of villages and rural-areas migration(s) to the major population centers in an unprecedented way, heh.

    Right, well, all this text... I guess that it's been surprising to me, the development and also, btw., how much tourism has been going on in recent years... A (huge!) rise in the number of hostels... When I step onto the street, I can even run into Oriental tourists looking for accommodation: a hotel ("Palace") which is right next to my street is often full and they are, just, roaming around (lolz) & sometimes I speak to them...

  • Whoa, ok... So this happened in the meantime:




    ... Can't remember the last time my cable modem had decided to quit on me. 🙂

  • And then, trying to edit my original post... The forum doesn't like me any more, LOL.



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    Edit: I have no clue how to fix it! 😕

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    @kgbme: It's a bug - not your fault. Community developers know about it.

  • @kgbme
    Hello, welcome aboard. 😄

    I'm not sure how to find issue about "etiquette" here too. 😆
    I believe it only; just be clear, direct, and no need to words your feeling about issue with Hollywood "good" words vocabulary. If it does, just go to Chit-Chat sub-category.

    Wikipedia unfortunately suffer "hit & run" syndrome. People put info to it & rarely update it.

    Thank you for the photos, those are beautiful. (Comment from person that almost never got out from his country).

  • @kgbme said in Hi from Belgrade!:

    A (huge!) rise in the number of hostels...

    Yes, but I've seen those movies 😟

    Welcome 🤣

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    @kgbme I've been to Belgrade once, but only driving by, while on a trip to Greece. We didn't stop there, unfortunately, so I didn't take any pictures. Anyway, welcome to our community! 😉


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