Back Button not working properly on random occasions.

  • Bug: Back button from keyboard

    I'm having the issue detailed in the topic listed above.

    When I click back on an external device, Vivaldi tends to treat it as two presses. Other browsers don't do this.

    I have extra keys on my mouse that can be reprogrammed and I'm currently using the "Media Key: Browser Back Button" option. I've tried other mice that have this feature built in (corsair scimitar, razer naga) with their respective programs (Corsair Link and Razer Synapse respectively) , and only vivaldi seems to do this. This isn't the behavior in chrome, as chrome will only press back once.

    How to recreate: Use a mouse or a keyboard with mapping functionality tell it to use a button on it to map it to 'media key: browser navigation backwards'. Occasionally, back button goes twice.

    Here's a situation that always does this for me. After making a new tab, doing a search directly from the url bar with google set as my search provider, clicking on a result after the search page loads completely, and then clicking back in the browser will take me back to the 'new tab' page, regardless of whether or not the page has loaded completely. It is skipping the google search query page when going backwards.

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    I'm unable to reproduce the issue. I've assigned the "Internet: Page backward" command to an extra button that I happen to have on my ASUS ROG GX1000 mouse and it works correctly here in Vivaldi 1.8.770.54 (Stable) / 1.9.804.3 (Snapshot) (both 32-bit on Windows 10 x64). I'm using the built-in "forward/backward" buttons all the time and they always worked correctly in Vivaldi.

    Even in the (not-so-distant) past, when I still used the worst piece of hardware I've ever had (Razer Mamba 2012) along with the worst piece of software ever created by humankind (Razer Synapse), the built-in "forward/backward" buttons worked correctly in Vivaldi, always going 1 step forward/backward at a time.

    Do you say that all the mice that you've tried go backward two steps in Vivaldi? That's strange... Perhaps there is some problem tied to your specific configuration of your hardware/software/OS... 🤔

  • Also having this same issue. Only in Vivaldi. I tried to remove keyboard shortcuts, just in case, for the actions. Still goes back as if it's "rewinding" or "fast forwarding" instead of going back or forward just one page. 😞

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    @rafiki Submit a Bug Report

  • Wondering if a fix was ever found for this issue. I have 2 computers and 1 kensington trackball. I am running Trackball works on both. 1 computer has this issue(new one) my old rig does not have this issue. Both w10 os.

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    The back and forward buttons on my Dell Multimedia keyboard work fine.

  • @rafiki
    What surprised me is that I never had this issue until I built a new rig this week. My old one never had an issue with my slimblade. I am trying to figure out if there is some how a hardware issue, like how the USB ports work or something.

  • My last mouse had a thumb button that worked as a BACK button on Vivaldi and Opera. It broke since, so I can't test it, but yes, the functionality was predefined, I didn't change anything.

  • @luetage I solved it, I looked at settings on old rig and found I was using "button 4" not back. now my right clik seems to have died...sigh

  • @rafiki Useing "button 4" from the mouse and keyboard menu in Trackball Works, uses "win,alt,sht,ctrl" to back page. vivaldi recognises this command without issue. (no double page back).

  • @rafiki What was the bug number?

    Devs, I am having this problem with the dedicated forward/back buttons on my Microsoft Natural Keyboard. However, the dedicated forward/back buttons on my trackball (Elecom EX-G) work fine (don't skip). Edit Alt+Left and Alt+Right also work correctly (don't skip).

    I did some searching - wondering if this is related to VB-31030 or Chromium 19672.

    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision e6c78ca75e5f4970771b2c6e6727bb07c4a76464-
    OS Windows (8.1 Enterprise x64)
    JavaScript V8
    Flash (Disabled)

  • I'm also having this issue while using a generic 2-button USB mouse (Trust brand) when left clicking on the back button - Vivaldi will go back 2 pages instead of one.

  • This bug and the one in is still present in Vivaldi 2.0.

    Really, how many years does it take to fix basic browser functionality like history navigation?

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    To my knowledge, this bug is reproducible only if you have a specific hardware. All the mouses and trackpads that I use does not suffer from this bug. I believe that it's the case for the majority of HW and since it affects only a small fraction of users that is probably the main reason why it hasn't been fixed yet (but I'm just guessing).

    I don't have an access to the bug tracker, but you can ask here to find out whether the devs were able to at least reproduce the bug and if it hasn't been put away.

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    @rafiki Sadly our internal testers and devs could not reproduce this.
    As @pafflick said the issue may depend on pointer device hardware and its driver.

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    @rafiki Yeah, but that's just a workaround. Quite recently, another user came here with the same problem and I was unable to help him - we couldn't even find a workaround.

    So, I'd rather want that they would fix it - but for that, they'd have to reproduce this issue first. I hope they could get their hands on a device that has this bug - so I think it's a good idea to report this bug by stating explicitly on what kind of hardware this issue happens. @Gwen-Dragon maybe you have a better idea? 🤔

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    @pafflick said in Back Button not working properly on random occasions.:

    so I think it's a good idea to report this bug by stating explicitly on what kind of hardware this issue happens.

    Yes, giving the Vivaldi developers as much information about hardware may help.

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    @rafiki Please reply to the bug tracker mail of VB- and add some information about you meouse/trackback/touchpad and its seoftware/driver and OS you use.
    I will reopen the bug then.

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    @gwen-dragon Please add Acer V5-591G laptop to the affected devices if you can. Another user claims that it happens on ThinkPad E560. Windows 10 seems to even have native settings for this kind of devices, it looks like this:

    Win10 Settings
    I don't have a supported device to enable this in my settings, I got this screenshot from another user.

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    @rafiki I reopend the bug.
    Let's hope some tester can check the issue with a Kensington trackball.

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