Back Button not working properly on random occasions.

  • Bug: Back button from keyboard (/topic/4931/bug-back-button-from-keyboard)

    I'm having the issue detailed in the topic listed above.

    When I click back on an external device, Vivaldi tends to treat it as two presses. Other browsers don't do this.

    I have extra keys on my mouse that can be reprogrammed and I'm currently using the "Media Key: Browser Back Button" option. I've tried other mice that have this feature built in (corsair scimitar, razer naga) with their respective programs (Corsair Link and Razer Synapse respectively) , and only vivaldi seems to do this. This isn't the behavior in chrome, as chrome will only press back once.

    How to recreate: Use a mouse or a keyboard with mapping functionality tell it to use a button on it to map it to 'media key: browser navigation backwards'. Occasionally, back button goes twice.

    Here's a situation that always does this for me. After making a new tab, doing a search directly from the url bar with google set as my search provider, clicking on a result after the search page loads completely, and then clicking back in the browser will take me back to the 'new tab' page, regardless of whether or not the page has loaded completely. It is skipping the google search query page when going backwards.

  • I'm unable to reproduce the issue. I've assigned the "Internet: Page backward" command to an extra button that I happen to have on my ASUS ROG GX1000 mouse and it works correctly here in Vivaldi 1.8.770.54 (Stable) / 1.9.804.3 (Snapshot) (both 32-bit on Windows 10 x64). I'm using the built-in "forward/backward" buttons all the time and they always worked correctly in Vivaldi.

    Even in the (not-so-distant) past, when I still used the worst piece of hardware I've ever had (Razer Mamba 2012) along with the worst piece of software ever created by humankind (Razer Synapse), the built-in "forward/backward" buttons worked correctly in Vivaldi, always going 1 step forward/backward at a time.

    Do you say that all the mice that you've tried go backward two steps in Vivaldi? That's strange... Perhaps there is some problem tied to your specific configuration of your hardware/software/OS... 🤔

  • Also having this same issue. Only in Vivaldi. I tried to remove keyboard shortcuts, just in case, for the actions. Still goes back as if it's "rewinding" or "fast forwarding" instead of going back or forward just one page. :(

  • I have the same problem using my Kensington Wireless trackball. Two steps back instead of one. Vivaldi only. Other browsers one step at a time.

  • I still have this problem with current versions. It's not an isolated problem. Apart from continuing to post here how may I bring this to the attention of the developers?

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    @rafiki Submit a Bug Report

  • Thank you @Pesala. Report submitted.

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