High ram and cpu usage in Vivaldi.1.8.770.54.x64

  • Hi, everyone. Yesterday I installed Vivaldi.1.8.770.54.x64 on my Win 10 and everything was just fine. Now when i'm opening 2 or 3 or more tabs suddenly cpu and ram usage increases significantly! I realized there was a same issue with the last versions of Vivaldi, But i thought that was fixed!
    Ram: 8 GB
    CPU: Intel core i5-4440
    Windows 10 x64
    So, What to do?
    Many Regards!

  • @aliniceboy Install the 32-bit version (recommended). The 64-bit version will use more RAM, and should be considered experimental.

  • @Pesala
    I will try it.
    thanks for your reply.

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