G-mail alert pop-up question

  • When using G-mail in Chrome and an e-mail comes in, there is a notification I can click on, and it brings up a small pop-up window on top of what I'm working on where I can read the e-mail and reply, close the window and continue working.

    In Vivaldi, when I get the notification and click on it, there is no pop-up window, and I have to go to Vivaldi, where it has opened another window with the e-mail.

    Is there a setting where I can make Vivaldi handle this the way Chrome does?

  • @Felemur In current version, pop-up windows is not available.
    There was a problem and it was disabled for now.
    So the "pop-up windows" will only appear as tabs in current version (1.8 Stable).
    This is expected to be made available again in a future snapshot (or the 1.9 Stable).

  • Thanks for letting me know TbGbe.


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