Vivaldi installation disappears every time I turn off my computer

  • I have recently discovered Vivaldi and installed it in my Macbook and my PC (Windows) however it completely disappears every time I turn them off. I have to look for the installation file and install it again. Does someone can help me on this? Tks

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    @wvagner: This is not in any way normal or typical for Vivaldi. You are the first to report it. Do you use any third party security software or security/privacy extensions in Vivaldi? SOMETHING on your system is blocking access to the program or deleting it from registry every time you shut it down.

  • That doesn't even sound possible, how can that happen under two separate computers with two completely different systems?
    Are these "company computers" with some sort of IT system lockdown to prevent user installed software?

    If not my guess is the problem lies anywhere between the seat and the keyboard.

  • @wvagner An interesting test would be also: What happens when you install vivaldi as standalone?
    To do so select in the installation window "Advanced" --> click the dropdownwindow where someting like "For all users" is written and select "Standalone" (don't worry you'll still get the whole functionality of vivaldi) --> install to a location you want or the suggested one.

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    I hope the user does not have a RAM drive and installed Vivaldi on it, that would explain the volatile installation.


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