Possible bug in Forum software ? (scroll to top of next page)

  • Hi all --
    I am new to Vivaldi so I am trying to learn as much as I can. Part of this is to just browse the Forum and read posts which look interesting.

    Now --- when I scroll to the bottom of the first page, I see Page No. 1 properly selected. However, when I try to move to Page 2, the display does a rapid scroll to the top of the page and then the focus moves to the top of Page 1. again. I cannot find a way to move from this first page.

    I could satisfactorily exchange posts with others a few days ago so I do not think this behaviour is an artefact of my system but, I must confess that I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to be certain.

    I hoe that I haven't cried "Wolf" over this ---

    Best regards to all

  • Moderator

    I don't have such problems here. I'm using Vivaldi 1.8.770.54 (Stable) / 1.9.804.3 (Snapshot) (both 32-bit on Windows 10 x64). You could try the infinite scroll instead. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page, go to Settings > Pagination and uncheck "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll".

    If you prefer the pagination, maybe you should do one of the followings to see if it is of any help to you?

    1. Force reload the page and all of its contents including scripts, styles and images (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [R] or [CTRL] + [F5]);
    2. Open the page in Private Window (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [N] to launch a new Private Window or select Menu > File > New Private Window). If the page works in Private Window, then go to step 4.
    3. Disable all extensions (if this resolves your issue, then try enabling them one by one to check which one is causing the trouble);
    4. Clear browsing data and restart the browser if necessary;
    5. Refresh your profile.

  • Thank you for your detailed reply.

    I do not know what I have done but the problem I reported seems to have resolved itself. I am having trouble with my eyes and so have great difficulty seeing what I am doing. My guess is that, because I am new to this Forum, I selected some obscure combination of things and thereby generated an error condition. I am going to keep an eye on browser behaviour for a while, to see if I can reproduce the behaviour I reported.

    However, it does seem probable that I did indeed cry "Wolf" in error and I apologise for my mistake.

    Best regards --

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I have same problem like you. But for me, it's occasionally on "Modification" sub-category only.
    I can't tell what "fix" it if it does work as suppose to be.

    One thing that seem to always work, I replace the page address to next or other suppose to be address (ex: page 1 to page 2). And entire "Modification" section just work again.

  • I have the same problem and came here looking to see if there was already a post about it.

    If I goto https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/36/all-platforms for example, once the page loads, it automatically redirects to the last page in that forum (page 3 for example) I was on when I closed that page. Then, if I click the number for page 2 or page 1 for example to load that page, it'll load for a second and then redirect back to page 3. If I try again, it'll keep going back to page 3. Only when I click and load a couple of threads can I then actually click on page 2 or 1 and stay there.

    It's really annoying. For one, I don't want the last page. I want the first page. And, I want to be able to go to a different page without problem.

    I'm guessing the last page thing is a feature. Probably the last page is stored in a cookie. But, that value isn't cleared once the page loads, which causes the last page to load over and over again.

    I can also confirm that the page automatically scrolls down to a certain spot too. I'm guessing to the first not-scrolled-into-view thread or something. Not sure and quite confusing. Maybe it just scrolls all the way to the bottom. Very weird.

    Edit: I cleared all my forum.vivaldi.net cookies. Will keep an eye out for it to see if it's still there.

    Edit: Clearing the cookies fixes it. But, to trigger it again, click on page 5 and then click on a thread on page 5. Then close the tab. Then, go back to "All Platforms" and it'll automatically load page 5 again where clicking on page 1 will reload page 5 again after page 1 is loaded.

    Edit: Changing page=5 to page=1 in the query string in the address field works around the problem and gets me back to page 1.

  • @burnout426 Turning off pagination in the forum settings avoids the issue at least. The forum still auto-scrolls you to a certain spot on the page. But, that's a different issue.

  • I am getting the exact same issue as the original poster

    I am using Windows 10

    Vivaldi 1.9.818.3 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    Revision 35854f736dbb314786439b2812292e7d9f41a72d
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8

    If any of that helps

  • @nigelt74 Did you turned off pagination already?
    You can do so when you click on your profile logo in the upper right corner (in your case the green circle with the N in side) select your name in the popup than you'd be redirected to your profile. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the blue circle and select settings there you can turn on / off "Paginate topics and posts instead of using infinite scroll"

  • @zaibon
    Nope, i haven't turned off pagination, I may do eventually, but I'm old fashioned I like pagination it stops me scrolling back to far and get side tracked reading every post that looks vaguely interesting

    anyway this is what I currently get


    i attempted to screen record whats happening, but I suppose i can handle no pagination i'll just have to exercise will power every time a thread seems interesting

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