Custom themes: Import / Export, save to file

  • The theme customisation is great but currently I have one theme on Windows and one theme on Linux and no way of getting them both on the same browser. I know that some sort of syncing between devices is on the way in a future update but until then a simple way of importing and exporting themes would be nice. Any suggestions?

  • Forgot to introduce myself. 🙂

    Writing this from Tasmania, Australia. Been using Vivaldi for the last few months and love it. Only browser that i can assign keys to toggle bookmarks bar, tabs, address bar when I want a distraction free experience. Thanks for the work you have done.

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi forums. Single-key shortcuts to toggle toolbars are very useful. I use "b" for bookmarks and "s" for the Status Bar.

    @Craggles086 This is already in the Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10 where you can vote for it:

    Easy export/import/backup of user data

    I assume that themes would be included in this. There may be another post about sharing themes. Try a search.

  • @Craggles086
    Welcome aboard. 😄

    About theme exporting (in current state);
    I suggest just write it down. It just 4 hex settings plus extra 4 options.
    And before you ask; yes extended theme editing/enhancement had been request a lot too.

    Some people already start sharing theme settings.
    One example, this thread


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