Feature Suggestion: Volume settings for specific tabs/sites

  • Hi, I'm a new Vivaldi user, and I have to say I love the features, especially the tiling tab management. I was pretty amazed when I found out about this, I love tiling managers (I use i3 for my desktop!). Vivaldi has been massively customizable for me, I managed to match it to my custom window manager look in a matter of minutes. One thing I've had to do with web browsers for a long time though, is to change the volume of the whole browser in the system settings (would be something like "volume mixer" on windows) rather than for the individual tab. Bandcamp.com plays its music at 100% volume, which is really the only reasonable choice for a music site to make, but I find that a -7dB adjustment is necessary to get the volume to comfortable levels. This renders other things in the browser (i.e. the YouTube videos I watch at other times) near inaudible. So if there's a way to set the volume of a specific tab, or better yet of all tabs directed to a specified domain, I'd love to know how to use it. If there's not, it seems like a useful modification that would put you nice folks yet another step ahead of Google.

  • @Amblypygid
    I believe your request is close to what @kyu3a request in https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/128253
    That thread also the current place where all request reside.

    I didn't say your both request identical.
    @kyu3a request is a multimedia player in tab, if Vivaldi detect playable multimedia content.

    If that multimedia player actually implemented, your request is only part of it. I believe you could imagine that.


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