Why does V connects to google upon launching

  • I keep seeing Vivaldi connects to [2607:f8b0:400d:c06:0:0:0:bc] this IP which belongs to google. It happens every time I launch Vivaldi.

  • Strange, maybe is phishing/dangerous sites protection enabled? (I think uses google servers);
    However, you can disable the IP from your firewall if you don't want that connection.
    It's also in ipv6 format which is not widely used yet.

  • Phishing protection is disabled in settings already!

  • @saudiqbal
    Visit vivaldi://chrome/settings, probably un-ticked every boxes under Privacy section. I only enable "Do not track" on that section (note: it linked to Vivaldi setting with same reason). I can't find any
    Probably also disable/delete suggestion use for Google search if you have it. Default is none anyway. Plus, I don't know if this matter. I never use suggestions in any browsers to start with.

    And the last;
    Do you use extensions?
    Most of extensions call home to google server for what ever reasons.

  • I have Ublock, Popup Blocker (strict) and IPvFoo installed. and all the settings are unchecked.

  • @saudiqbal
    I'm not really sure why I never have Google access (IP) on Vivaldi startup or even Chromium startup.

    Probably better to tell what I have done with Vivaldi around my system.

    • Disable any contact in settings like mentioned above.
    • Disable 3rd Party cookies.
    • uBlock0 with default subsriptions.
    • Enable experimental "suspendTabsUntilReady" in uBlock0.
      From its Wiki:
      If set to true, uBO will hard block all network requests when the browser launches until all the filter lists and rules are loaded and ready, at which time uBO will force a reload of the tabs for which there were network requests blocked during the setup phase.

    Usually I left browsers other default settings to default (chrome flags or about:config). It's fun tweaking things, but they're only stay for a week or two. It's for easy troubleshooting later.

    I don't do all of the blocks because I "scared" to Google. My reason is because I feel I don't need those extra things like suggestions, prefetch, extra site check, or what ever.
    I only try to minimize network access.

    Other things currently cross my mind:

    • DNS redirection.
    • Page on first tab at browser startup call Google, like for font.


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